My name is Aaryan Sharma. I'm a 16-year old boy who lives and studies in Bangalore, India. I am currently in the 11th Grade, and am enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme. I have always had an undying passion for sports (see the shirt) and a keen interest in ALL sports, some quite obscure. Through this blog of mine, I hope to share some of what I have learned in the time I have spent watching, playing, and researching sports. 

The blog is named as it is because it will focus more on sports that are uncommon and obscure in India, or 'niche' sports. It is also a place where information about sports (less known sports) can be found. Hence the name The Sports Niche. It also has a 'nic(h)e' ring to it. I will try and write about some of the sports that I feel do not receive enough publicity or coverage in India.

Currently, I am writing about the Winter Olympics in progress in South Korea. I have explained the rules of each discipline. They aren't comprehensive but if the rules mentioned are kept in mind while watching the sports, you can understand everything that is going on. I hope to aid & enrich the viewing of these wonderful sports, whose beauty is often underestimated.