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Off the Beaten track

This blog focuses more on Sports that are non- mainstream sports in my country India. Through this blog I hope to share some information about specific sports including rules, news, and trivia. The focus of this blog is to help one discover some amazing, often non-mainstream, non-commercial, sports, that are truly exciting

Image : istock


 2024 World Aquatics Championships
Doha, Qatar

Photo from: flickr/Daniel Coomber, CC


The World Games are a multi-sport event, much like the Olympics, but for less well-known, somewhat esoteric, non-Olympic sports, that are still very exciting. An event not many know about, the World Games are often overlooked in media. This July, the site will highlight The World Games 2022, with explanations of the sports that make the event so fascinating.

2022 World Games

Image: flickr/The World Games

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